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We believe that ITP should not only supply the right specification lubricant, but also provide the highest level s of service and support to customers.

Our experienced team work closely with customers to match the right lubricant to their specific needs and price especially in a very volatile South African and African environments.

Our brand, Greyhound Lubricants will provide a full range of oils and lubricants varying from white label products to specialised products produced under strict specification of our International blanding partners.

Our lubricant range consists of the following products:

• Automotive Products
• Motorcycle Products
• Industrial Products
• Transmission Oils
• Special Products
• Greases
• Marine lubricants

For more information on our Premium products for your Automotive and Industrial oil needs please visit: or just drop us an email on
High Quality
Will Strive for Superor Service
Win-Win Relationship
How to choose the right Greyhound engine oil:

The best way to choose an engine oil is to check the owner's manual for your particular vehicle or motorcycle specifications. An owners manual will almost always give a particular API Oil Specification. This will look something like “CF/SF 15W40”. “CF/SF” gives the spec for both diesel and petrol applications - the higher the second letter the higher the specefication and “15W40” describes the viscosity of the oil and that it is a MultiGrade oil.